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Found on the inside of a big bend in the Willamette River, West Linn is a city that is surrounded by classic Northwest beauty. Willamette Falls, the Camassia Nature Preserve, and Mary S. Young Park are just a few of the many natural attractions in the area. Of course, as a resident of West Linn, you would prefer to go out and visit nature – rather than having it visit you when it crashes down on your house. If your home has been damaged in a storm and you need gutter repair, or if you simply need gutter installation or maintenance work, Stumptown Gutters is the right team for the job.


Give Your Gutters a Fresh Start

It’s a lot of work to move water safely away from a home – especially if that home stands in the rainy Pacific Northwest. The gutters on your West Linn home work hard for most of the year, and they might deal with debris falling from trees, as well. Eventually, there will come a point where your gutters can get the job done no more, and installing a new set will become your best option.


At Stumptown Gutters, we only use seamless gutters on our new installation projects. We love this seamless product because it limits the chances for something to go wrong and a leak to develop. At the corners where we have to connect two sections of the gutter, we take special care to make accurate cuts and to seal the connection. When you add it all up, working with Stumptown Gutters will leave you with a finished product that you can be sure will serve your needs for many years to come.


Establish a Maintenance Schedule

We understand that gutter maintenance is probably not on the top of your mind during most of the year, so you can be forgiven if you forget to call to have your gutters cleaned or inspected. Rather than trying to remember in the midst of your business schedule, simply set up a program with Stumptown Gutters and we will remind you when the time comes around. This is a hands-off way for you to give your gutters the care they need without bogging down your calendar any further than it already is. Give us a call today to learn about our maintenance packages.


Gutter Guards Are Perfect for Some Homes

Tired of seeing your gutters back up and overflow because of all the debris that has collected inside? That’s a common problem for homeowners in West Linn and throughout the rest of the Portland area, due to the countless trees that call this area home. By adding Stainless Steel MicroMesh gutter guards, you can keep most of that debris out of your gutters, and the water should flow freely down your spouts through the fall and winter seasons.


Every Job Gets Our Best Effort

We don’t cut corners at Stumptown Gutters. For every project from big to small and from commercial to residential, we bring our best to make sure you as the customer walk away satisfied. To get started, contact us today to request a free quote or to get more information. Thank you for your time!


West Lynn

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