Gutter Cleaning Portland Oregon

Fast professional gutter cleaning at a reasonable rate. Don't let someone who's uninsured get on your roof, if they get hurt it could cost you everything. Let our busy beavers remove any dams from your gutter system.

  • $149* for a 1 story

  • $199* for a 2 story

  • $249* for a 3 story

60, 75 or 90 Minutes (based on # of stories) of expert gutter cleaning services.

*Houses requiring additional time to complete are charged $49/15min. 

You should be aware that our service professionals are incentivized to complete jobs quickly while maintaining the highest standards.


Our gutter cleaning services:

  • Downspouts cleaned

  • All gutters cleaned

  • Inspect your gutters for potential issues

  • Water test the system, checking for issues

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Do you have gutter guards?

Don't risk the fall, give us a call.

Nobody likes cleaning their gutters. You're on a ladder, handling stinky rotting debris, and risking getting cut by a sharp peice of metal. Don't put yourself at risk, let us do the dirty work for you!

As a homeowner we need to have our gutters checked and cleaned regularly. The frequency of these rain gutter cleanings and inspection is directly related to the number of trees (or other higher objects) near your roof and gutter system.


If you live near trees or especially if there are trees directly above your roof/gutters you may need to get the gutters cleaned up to three times per year.

Got Brush Guards?

Gutter guards can be frustrating when it comes time to clean your gutters. Although they prevent most debris from getting in, your gutters still need cleaned periodically. And it’s a job best left to the professionals, as cleaning will require removal of the guards to get under them and clear the gutters. An experienced cleaner will know how to effectively take the guards off without damaging them — not to mention how to do it safely while perched on a ladder! A good gutter cleaner will check your downspouts as well.

Don't I Need A Gutter Cleaning Quote?

This only applies to larger homes or buildings. Typical single family houses don't need quotes usually. You would be surprised at the numerous obstacles a person can run into while cleaning gutters. This is why on larger or more complicated jobs we schedule a time (usually the next day) to come look at your gutter system and determine whether there is anything that could make the job more difficult or dangerous. During this evaluation we will only walk around the outside of the project.