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Portland Gutter Cleaning / Cleaner


Secure your gutter care with Stumptown Gutters today. Limited slots available. We provide a comprehensive gutter cleaning. This means we make sure your system is at its best.

Book now to ensure your home's protection.

Signs your gutter system needs cleaning:

(Walk Around Your House While Its Raining)

  • Water Overflowing Your Gutters During Rains

  • Debris Has Built Up In Your Gutters

  • Soil Erosion Under Your Gutters Or Downspouts

  • Vertical Lines On Your Gutters

  • Water Falling From The Outside Of The Downspouts

  • It's Fall And You Have Trees Nearby

Our PowerVac Gutter Cleaning System

Welcome to Stumptown Gutters, the premier gutter cleaning experts in Portland, Oregon! As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in offering top-notch services while also promoting safety. Which is why we now clean most gutter systems from the safety of the ground, providing you peace of mind. 

Don't fall for the low priced options, if someone tells you they will clean your gutters for a cheaper price... that's because they typically only clean your gutters and not your entire gutter system. And their cleaning methods tend to leave a mess around your property. Likely you still have clogs in your system which will result in water issues later during the heavy rains.

Gutter Cleaning Portland Oregon

"Our premium gutter cleaning service is time-based, ensuring your system is fully prepared for the rainy season. We charge a fixed fee for the first 1-1/2 hours of service. After that, we keep you informed about the progress and seek your approval to continue."

Here you will find a chart explaining the factors that increase the time and thus cost of our gutter cleaning service. You can click on the links along the left for more detailed explanations and hover over the icons in the columns. The ladder icon means we may need a fearless individual to scale the ladder/roof.








Ladder Icon / **  - is when we need to get a fearless individual to scale a ladder/roof.

X - is where we cannot perform the gutter cleaning.

Downspout Clogs - If the cleaning crew is unable to clear a downspout clog using our typical methods, you may choose to have our gutter professional come clear the downspout even if must be removed.

Exclusive Gutter-Cam Access via WiFi

portland gutter cleaners

Our Gutter-Cam in action! We use this as we vacuum your gutter system to ensure that we remove the debris. We also inspect your gutters for issue using this cam as we do the cleaning. If we are cleaning your gutter system you can log into our cameras WiFi and view our progress. After the vacuuming is done we run water through your system. Not only does this remove some of the smaller debris, but it tells us whether you system is working correctly.

Unlocking Excellence: Embracing the Advantages of Stumptown Gutters' Premium Gutter Cleaning with the PowerVac

At Stumptown Gutters, we recognize the appeal of budget-friendly gutter cleaning options touted by others. However, it's crucial to delve deeper into the potential pitfalls, such as limited insurance coverage and incomplete services. Unlike these competitors, we prioritize your peace of mind. With our fully insured and skilled team now armed with the cutting-edge PowerVac, we deliver meticulous cleaning and thorough downspout clearing to ensure a truly debris-free gutter system.


While our prices may reflect our commitment to quality, the long-term benefits of choosing Stumptown Gutters far outweigh the initial costs. Make a prudent investment in your home's well-being by embracing our comprehensive gutter cleaning services powered by the advanced PowerVac.

** This self schedule service is for those with 1 or 2 story homes. **

Others please contact us for a special cleaning quote.

Should your gutter cleaning require more than the initial 1-1/2 hours, we offer the flexibility to continue at an additional cost for up to 30 extra minutes at a time. We'll keep you informed about our progress and seek your approval to ensure transparency throughout the process.

Cleanin quotes

What Can Make Gutter Cleanings More Expensive?

  • You have guards, foam, or any type of leaf guard.

  • You have bushes or trees close to your home.

  • Your home is on a slope or hill.

  • The home has not had its gutters cleaned in a while. (more than 9 months).

  • Number of stories. Whether we need to use ladders or our vacuum, each has its difficulties.

  • Lack of water or power, meaning we need to come up with solutions for both.

  • Weather also changes the difficulty and cost of our gutter cleaning. With our best prices being during spring and fall. Cold and extreme heat results in our higher prices.

  • Your roof excessively overhangs your gutters, meaning the access is inadequate for our cleaning methods.

  • Rectangular shaped downspouts can occasionally clog so severely there is no alternative but to remove it to clear the debris. Our cleaning crew is not equipped or trained to handle such issues. In these cases we need to schedule time for our veteran installer to clear the debris.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Beaverton
Gutter Cleaning Portland

Trees, bushes and outdoor furniture near your home can slow us down as we maneuver our equipment around the obstacles. You get the most for your money when you clear obstacles before we arrive. 

Gutter Cleaning Portland
Gutter Cleaning Portland Oregon

Trees that grow near or over your gutters will make it nearly impossible to clean that section.

We may not be able to clean gutter sections where we need to lean the pole over this far as it gets very hard to manage. If you have situations like this please contact our office.

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