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Gutter Maintenance & Repair





Our professional gutter repairs keep your existing gutter system sturdy, clear and the rain flowing away from your investment.  If your gutters still have a lot of life in them, but have incurred damage from deferred maintenance, storm damage or any other damage (brother-in-law crushing gutter with big moving truck), we have seen it and can help! Our customized repair solutions will have your gutters looking like new again and properly flowing in no time. We can also repair or replace your downspouts.  Downspouts too small and keep getting clogged?  We can replace them with over-sized downspouts which will increase the flow of water away from your foundation.

2021 Winter Storm Damage

This theater in Portland suffered extensive gutter damage during the recent ice storm. Once the ice built up on the roof it simply weighed so much it pushed the gutter right off the roof. In fact we looked at a lot of damage like this after the storm. Most of it was due to the customer having a metal roof without the proper stops to prevent this damage from occurring. If you are thinking about a metal roof, make sure to ask about ways to prevent this from occurring to your home or building.


The last company used hidden hangars on this theatre, which are pointless since you wouldn't see the gutter spikes/lags from 30 feet anyway. Plus they add a hefty cost to the installation. We showed up to inspect the damage and easily saw that there was a better way to install the gutters on this building.

We scheduled and completed this customers gutters in less than 10 days.

It is very unlikely the gutters will ever suffer that type of damage again.


You Should Have Your Gutters Maintained every couple of years

Maintaining your gutters is very important as you've likely read on several sites. This really is a very important aspect of protecting your investment against the damages associated with water. A typical home owner in the northwest spends $460,000.00 on their home. Keeping your gutters functioning properly and in top condition protects that investment.

If you fail to maintain your gutters you put yourself at risk of incurring an expensive water damage repair bill. Home Advisor states "average homeowner spends between $1,145 and $4,563 to restore or repair water damage", don't let this be you. Give us a call or text and let us make sure your gutter system is functioning properly.

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