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Gutter Repair | Gutter Maintenance | Downspouts | Gutter Sealant

Stumptown Gutters offers "Repair" and "Maintenance" Services...

  1. Gutter Maintenance: We address issues with your gutters to prolong their life. No new parts.

  2. Gutter Repair: We replace damaged sections, add new sections, essentially our repair service means we are bringing new gutters or downspouts to your project.

Stumptown Gutters Maintenance Services



Our gutter maintenance services cater to varying needs:

  1. Basic Gutter Maintenance: This service typically lasts up to 1 hour and 15 minutes and is perfect for routine upkeep. We address common issues such as loose spikes, replacing them with screws for added durability, correcting slopes where possible, and fixing any leaks to keep your gutters in good condition.

  2. Gutter Saver Service: For more extensive attention, our Gutter Saver service is ideal for those with aluminum gutter systems. Lasting up to 3 hours, this comprehensive maintenance package rejuvenates your entire gutter system. We meticulously reseal every joint, ensuring tight seals to prevent leaks, correct slopes where possible for proper water flow, and replace all spikes with screws for enhanced durability. If your gutters require thorough rejuvenation and long-lasting protection, our Gutter Saver service is the perfect solution.

Whether you need a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, we have the solution to suit your gutter maintenance needs.


If more time is needed for the Basic Maintenance, we inform the customer about what we fixed and what is left, and they can decide to have us stay and fix it at an additional cost per 15 minutes.

The only time we cannot perform our maintenance service is if the customer's gutters are rusted to a point that our "gutter goop" won't stick. Which means replacement is needed.

**Please be aware that if a customer's gutters are rusted to a point where our "gutter goop" won't stick, we cannot address the leaks caused by the rust. However, we can still perform other parts of the maintenance. Customers can choose to have us perform what we can, or they can choose to have us measure for new gutters. If they decide to go with us for new gutters, we will apply the "show up" fee as a discount on their new gutters.

Stumptown Gutters Repair Service



Gutter Repair Portland


gutter repair portland oregon

Our gutter repair service is designed to address specific issues with your gutter system, such as damaged sections of gutter or downspout. We also incorporate small installations into our repair service, as an example if you built an outdoor living space or new shed and want gutters added to it, this is your service.


Here's what you can expect from our gutter repair service:

  • Customers can request a repair service quote online and provide us with a description of the issue and measurements if needed.

  • We will provide a quote based on the customer's description and measurements, and occasionally ask for pictures to verify that we can install gutters on the project.

  • A repair requires us to bring aluminum or other material to complete the job.


This service includes:

  • Replacing damaged sections of gutter or downspout.

  • Moving a downspout / rain chain

  • Upgrade to corrugated or larger downspouts (reduces clogs)

  • Installing gutters on a new shed or outdoor living space.

  • Unlike our maintenance service, a repair requires us to bring aluminum or other material to complete the job.


We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about which service is right for your gutter system. Any questions don't hesitate to call.

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