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Despite being just a short drive from Portland itself, things seem to move a little slower in Happy Valley. If you call this part of Oregon home, the quiet, peaceful streets are probably a big part of why you moved here in the first place. Of course, many of the beautiful homes found in this area are surrounded by trees, which makes gutter maintenance and repair particularly important for homeowners. To take care of any kind of gutter project on your Happy Valley home, reach out to Stumptown Gutters today.


Does Your Home Need New Gutters?

Although they are easy to take for granted, gutters play an important role in the health of your home. Water can do incredible damage if it is not moved away from the structure properly, and that job falls squarely on the shoulders of your gutter system. If your current gutters are not going their job, it may be time to have them removed and replaced with an entirely new set.


At Stumptown Gutters, we do this job expertly each and every time. Some of the advantages of working with us for a new gutter installation in Happy Valley include –


  • Seamless gutter system to dramatically reduce the chance of leaks

  • Mitered corners that are sealed upon installation

  • Quality metal gutters to resist rusting

  • Gutters are screwed to your home, rather than using nails which are more likely to give over time


If it is worth adding new gutters to your home, it is worth having the job done right. Hire a team that stands by their work with a lifetime workmanship guarantee, so you know there won’t be any problems once the work is completed.


Gutters Require Periodic Maintenance to Stay Healthy

You can’t just assume that your gutters are going to keep working well as the years go by. Everything needs maintenance, and gutters are no different. Fortunately, those maintenance chores can easily be completed when you work with Stumptown Gutters. We have maintenance packages that you can pick from to make sure your home doesn’t deal with gutter issues anytime soon.


In addition to maintenance, our team is also capable of performing any gutter repairs that you might need. If a branch falls off a nearby tree and damages one of your gutters, for example, you’ll want to have that damage fixed immediately. Give us a call and we will serve you as soon as possible.


The Benefit of Gutter Guards

You may have seen ads claiming that once you install gutter guards you will no longer need to worry about having your gutters cleaned. Well, that isn’t true. They are not a perfect solution and it’s reasonable to expect that some gutter cleaning will still be needed on occasion.


With that said, we love gutter guards. Not only can guards help you cut back on the frequency of your gutter maintenance schedule, but they will allow your gutters to work better between maintenance visits. If you would like to know more about what makes gutter guards such a great investment, reach out today for more information.


Don’t Waste Another Day

Let’s get started right away on your gutter project to make sure your home stays safe from water runoff issues during the next Pacific Northwest storm. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you for stopping by!

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