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A diverse city containing both residential and commercial properties, Milwaukie is at the heart of so much of the action in and around Portland. If you need gutter maintenance, installation, or repair at a Milwaukie residential or commercial property, you have landed in the right place. Stumptown Gutters has a great reputation with our past clients in Milwaukie and we’d love to show you why they were so impressed. Contact us today to learn more.


Professional Gutter Installation

What is it that allows one gutter company to stand above the competition on installation jobs? It comes down to the small details. Sure, pretty much any company could nail some gutters up on the side of a building, but it takes experience and a commitment to quality to get it right. In fact, at Stumptown Gutters, we don’t nail gutters up onto the side of your building – we use screws instead, as just one of many indications of our dedication to excellence.


Other advantages that you will enjoy when working with us are our carefully mitered and sealed corners, and our use of seamless gutters on all projects. These are things that you probably wouldn’t even notice from ground level, so they are easy for other companies to skip and save some money. We believe in delivering you long-term value for your investment, however, so we make sure everything is done right from start to finish.


The Truth About Gutter Guards

If you watch certain advertisements about gutter guards, you may be led to believe that you’ll never again need to have your gutters cleaned out. In our experience, that is not the truth, as some debris will make its way past even the best gutter guards. So, should you skip over this addition to your gutter system? Absolutely not! Adding gutter guards is a great way to get better water removal performance, and it will cut down on how often your gutters need to be cleaned. We just want to give you the truth upfront, so you understand exactly what you are getting when you make this kind of purchase.


All-Around Maintenance and Repair

Even if you are serious about handling most of your projects on a DIY basis, it’s tough to work on your own gutters safely. First of all, you’ll need to be working high up on a ladder, which is outside the comfort zone of many people. Also, there are sharp metal pieces up there, and you might not have the right tools to do the work at hand.


Given all of those factors, this is one of those jobs that’s better left to the pros. There are plenty of other tasks you can take care of around the house as a DIY master but leave the gutters to us. Whether it’s cleaning the gutters, repairing damage, inspecting their condition, or anything else, our team is up to the challenge.


The Time is Now

Putting off important gutter work on your building can be a costly mistake. Both residential and commercial structures rely heavily on gutters to manage rainwater, and a faulty gutter system can lead to very expensive problems down the line. Our services are just a phone call away, so we hope to hear from you soon.


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