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The Stumptown Gutter Story

Maybe you are hoping to hear how our family has been doing gutters since the beginning of time. Well, not exactly. Many of us have worked in construction at some point in our lives. Gary (Our Lead Installer) has been installing gutters for more than 20 years. His customer reviews specifically mention his name and how great he was on the project. That says a lot about his skills when it comes to gutters and his ability to communicate with the customer. We wouldn't start this business without him being on our installation crew. Kristin and Brian each bring different yet valuable skills to a start up company such as this. Kristin has extensive knowledge in organizing a business and has worked with fortune 500 companies to make them more competitive. Brian's skills in management and sales, along with his apt ability to work online really brings together a team hoping to be the premier gutter company in the great northwest.

 We took a huge risk starting this business, but we want better for our family, friends and community so we think the risk will be worth it in the long run.


Mission Statement

Provide every customer with the best possible product coupled with excellent customer service.

Stumptown Gutters Core Team

Hi, I'm Kristin. I'm the owner and founder of Stumptown Gutters.  I am excited to bring my over 20 years of experience in helping businesses grow and prosper to this industry.  With a main focus on providing a professional work environment where everyone feels valued, that they can contribute their best work, and can have a little fun, I believe we can create a winning combination. 


The majority of my career has been spent on creating strategies for businesses to help them grow and accelerate the talent of their organization, which in turn results in exponential growth.  At Stumptown Gutters we know that a business is not a business without its people.  We think if you treat employees fairly and with respect, they will in turn treat your customers with the same respect.  We believe a strong work ethic is most important and will value that over experience.  We know we have the best gutter installer in the business, so we know we can train anyone with the desire to provide service to our customers that meets the Stumptown Gutters standard.

Book a free quote today and let us show you the Stumptown Gutters experience!




Hi, I'm Brian. Our family and friends have been in the construction industry for as long as I can remember. I started working with my dad straight out of High School and continued off and on to this day. Before this I was working with one of the largest water damage contractors in Oregon. I am now joining forces with Kristin (owner) and Gary (our lead installer) in a new business: Stumptown Gutters.

Kristin's experience in business will help us greatly as we move forward.


She excels at training and back office processes. Gary's 20+ years experience installing gutters and being a team leader will guarantee efficiency and that our customers are happy with their new gutter system. So, what do I bring to the table? I have extensive experience in all aspects of the construction industry. My online abilities have also allowed us to begin the process of making our presence known to those seeking gutter services in the Portland Metro area. I am also proficient in communicating with customers and thinking outside the box to solve problems.


office coordinator


Hey I'm Gary, first I want to tell you that I always knew I wanted to work with my hands. This led me to the construction field. I love being outside and don't mind getting a little dirty. I started out working for a roofing contractor for a couple years before I got into the gutters in October of 1998. Since then I've worked for several local gutter crews, which improved my skill and experience to where people say I'm the best in the business. I don't know about that, but I'll take it! 😉 I'm thankful I got all that experience from multiple gutter companies. I use this knowledge to install quality gutters for my neighbors here in the northwest. 


I not only learned how to do quality work, I also learned what not to do! I NEVER CUT CORNERS OR PROVIDE LOW QUALITY WORK TO SAVE MONEY OR TIME. I'm excited to be leading this team so we can continue providing the best gutter systems in the area while developing the best tradespeople to serve our customers. 


lead installer

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