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Three Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards do not come standard when you have new gutters installed. Since they aren’t included by default with gutter systems, you may think that they aren’t required to get good performance from the gutters on your home. And, you would be correct – gutter guards aren’t required equipment. They are, however, a big upgrade in certain situations. This article is going to highlight three reasons to take a closer look at adding gutter guards to your Portland area home.

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#1 – Reduce Gutter Cleanings

This is likely the main motivation most people have in mind when choosing to add gutter guards to their home. By protecting the gutters from falling debris, those gutters will have to be cleaned less often – meaning you may be able to save money in the long run. This is particularly true for people who live in an area with a lot of large trees that are ready to drop needles or leaves on the roof of the house.


It does need to be said that adding gutter guards does not completely eliminate the need to have your gutters cleaned. There will still be small bits of debris that make their way through the guards, so occasional cleanings are still a good idea. Those should be far less frequent, however, which will be a boost in terms of both cost savings and convenience.


#2 – Keep Critters Out

Gutter guards do more than prevent debris from collecting in your gutters. They also provide a physical barrier to stop little critters from deciding to use your gutters as a home. This actually works in two ways. First, the guard stops animals like squirrels and mice from getting in, as long as they are installed correctly. Also, those critters will be less inclined to even try to get in, since there won’t be a collection of needles and leaves in the gutters to use as a bed. With guards in place, it’s very unlikely you’ll deal with any infestation problems moving forward.


#3 – Protect Your Investment

Given that you have made such a significant investment in your home in the Portland area, it only makes sense to protect that investment by caring for the home properly as the years pass. Gutter guards are one valuable way to do just that. Although it’s easy to forget about your gutters, it would be a mistake to just assume that they are always going to work properly – and a problem with your gutters could lead to major damage to your home. With guards in place, the gutters should drain nicely throughout the year and you should manage to steer clear of any costly damage to the structure.


If you are ready to get started with gutter guard installation on your home, or if you would like more information about the process and what it costs, get in touch with Stumptown Gutters today. Our expert team is experienced with the installation and maintenance of gutter guard systems, so you’ll get the advice you need directly from a friendly professional. Thank you for visiting and we are ready to serve you!

It’s for these reasons that we offer MicroMesh gutter guards as our go-to solution for homes in need of new guard installation. We never want to waste our customers time or money on inferior products.


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