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Seamless vs Sectional Rain Gutters

Seamless vs Sectional Rain Gutters – Which is Right for You?

If you are getting ready to put new gutters on your home, or if you are just exploring the idea toget more information, you are going to quickly discover that there are two main options toconsider – seamless and sectional rain gutters. To help clear up any confusion, we are going tobreak down the differences, and the pros and cons, of these two products below. By the timethis article is over, you will be ready to make an informed buying decision. Let’s get started!

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A Quick Introduction
To make sure you understand the differences between seamless and sectional rain gutters, we
need to offer basic definitions –
 A seamless rain gutters, as the name would suggest, has no seams – other than at the
corners. It is a continuous section of gutter that runs along the edge of your roof, for as
long as that roof section travels, until reaching a corner. When these kinds of gutters are
installed, the sections are custom cut for the house to make sure they fit perfectly.
 On the other hand, a sectional rain gutter system consists of many relatively small
sections of gutter that have been joined together. Gutters have been sold and installed
like this for many years, but there are some problems that we will discuss below.

The Problem with Seams
When everything is working properly, a sectional rain gutter will do the job of carrying water
away from the roof and sending it down the spouts to the ground. Unfortunately, with so many
seams involved in the system, you can’t rely on everything always working properly. If one or
more of those seams open up and develop a leak, you’ll be left with a system that needs to be
This is where seamless rain gutters become an ideal solution. With the use of seams limited to
only the corners of the house – where they are unavoidable – the chances for something to go
wrong are greatly reduced. You won’t have any leaks in the middle of a gutter run along the
side of your house, because there are no seams to leak. It’s a simpler system that leads to more
reliable, predictable results.

Working with the Right Installer
At Stumptown Gutters, we only offer the installation of seamless gutters. This is a choice we
have made because of how much we believe in the performance and reliability that a seamless
product offers as compared to sectional gutters. Our team uses specialized equipment to cut
the gutters perfectly to match the dimensions of your home, leaving you with a finished
product that can be expected to perform without leaks for many years to come.
Whether you are ready for a new gutter installation project at your Portland area home, or if
you simply need some repair work performed, the next step is the same – call or text today to
get started. You’ll be as impressed with our friendly customer service as you are with the
quality of our work, so join a growing number of your friends and neighbors by working with
Stumptown Gutters today.

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