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7 Reasons Why it Pays to Have Rain Gutter Professionals Do Your Gutter Cleaning

If it has been a few years since the rain gutter installation on your home chances are they are loaded up with debris and not performing the way they once did. That leaves many Portland homeowners with a tough choice. Do it yourself? Or hire a pro?


We strongly recommend looking into Portland rain gutter companies to get the job done and here are several reasons why.


1. The costs of the tools to correctly perform a rain gutter cleaning add up quickly


First things first, you’ll need a tall, sturdy ladder. Depending on how high the roof-lines are on your home, buying one to reach the heights you need could easily cost a few hundred dollars. You also need to consider the cost of hoses when rain gutter cleaning. Do you have enough length to make it all the way up? If not, you’ll have to buy more. Also, is there enough water pressure to blast the debris out? Often times high-pressure hose nozzles don’t offer enough power to fully clean your gutters. Another thing to consider is your time. If you search for videos on how to clean your rain gutters you’ll see it usually takes at least 3 hours on an average house. 

2. The risk of injury 


This one speaks for itself. Getting up and down a tall ladder when everything is soaking wet is very risky. Standing on steep roof pitches while bending over is also a high-risk ordeal. If you slip and fall and can’t work for a few weeks you could be losing tons of money while experiencing a ton of pain from an injury. Hiring a rain gutter contractor to clean your gutters means there is no risk to you. You can go about your business, even make money if you desire, while the pro’s do there work. 


3. You won’t do as good of a job


Rain gutter companies do these jobs every day which means they do it quickly and have all the tools on hand to make sure there is no debris left behind. Chances are when you get up on your ladder you will realize there are some spots in your rain gutter system that you just can’t reach. That is not an option for most qualified rain gutter contractors. If the company is reputable they are likely to do a thorough job and not leave anything untouched.


4. The risk of causing damage to your home


Leaning a ladder up against your home for rain gutter cleaning is a quick and easy way to scuff up the paint which will now require some touch-up work to get back to normal. Companies that do rain gutter installations have tricks to keep your home scuff free when they move a ladder all around it. There will likely be no need for touch-ups after they are done.


5. The risk of causing damage to your landscape


Ladders and hoses used during rain gutter cleaning can often act like mini bulldozers in your flower beds or other landscaping areas that line your home. Moving a large ladder is awkward and heavy and if you don’t do it every day it is likely you’ll be ripping some flowers out or causing some deep holes in your mulch. Rain gutter companies do a much better job of watching out for your landscaping which will leave you with less of a hassle once your rain gutter cleaning is done. 


6. If you spot a problem, are you capable of the repair?


Say you spot a hole in your seamless rain gutters or a disconnection at one of your spouts, will you be able to repair it in a professional manner? Chances are, the answer is no. Many homeowners would attempt the repair or create a temporary fix that not only looks bad but will only fail again later down the road. Rain gutter companies are trained to look for deficiencies in your gutters and if you use seamless rain gutters repairing a portion yourself is very difficult.  


7. Rain gutter companies can properly install gutter guards


Gutter guards are a metal grate material that fits into the top of your rain gutters. They keep the debris out but the water going in. They are basically a simple filtering system that fits right into the top of the gutter. They make it much easier to clean the debris away because it will now sit on top of the rain gutter instead of inside it. Gutter guard installation is best done right after a thorough rain gutter cleaning and almost all rain gutter contractors are equipped to install them. It is a tedious task, however, that we also recommend you leave for a reputable rain gutter company. If you do have rain gutter guards installed by a company it makes cleaning your rain gutters in the future a much more realistic and safe job for a homeowner to do on their own.

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