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The Dangers of Clogged Northwest Gutters

Gutters are both the unsung heroes and, unfortunately, the most neglected part of most people's homes. It's essential to clean and maintain your gutters on a regular basis — at least several times a year. Sadly, most people don't even think about their gutters until it's too late and the damage is done. Bad gutters can cause all kinds of damage to your home, including foundation problems which will likely cause even further damage.


Some of the biggest dangers of neglected gutters occur when they get clogged. Let's examine the dangers of clogged Northwest gutters, the damage they can cause and where you can go to have the problem addressed quickly and effectively.


The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Nobody likes to get up on a ladder and dig old leaves and gunk from their

gutters, but keeping your gutters clean is an essential part of maintaining

your home. You'll find all manner of dangers arising from clogged gutters.

These can include:


  • Structural damage

  • Foundation damage

  • Landscaping damage

  • Ice dams

  • Pest infestation

  • Mold and mildew


Let's look at each of these in a bit more detail.


Structural Damage

Clogged gutters can cause structural damage to your home. As water overflows the gutters, and even runs behind them, it can get into the walls of your house. This can cause the wood to become wet and rot, weakening the overall structural integrity of the building.


This damage will start with your fascia boards that hold your gutters in place, which will cause the gutters to pull away further and allow the water even more access to the inside of your walls. Water flowing down the sides of your home can damage the stonework or brickwork as well, weakening mortar and pointing. Structural damage can range into the tens of thousands of dollars.


Foundation Damage

In addition to the harm your clogged gutters can cause to the walls of your home, the water trickling down the side of your house, both inside the walls and out, can cause serious damage to the very foundation of your home. Because the gutter is designed to channel water away from the house, water running over your foundation can weaken it, resulting in cracks and holes, and can even cause the foundation to fail completely, resulting in the collapse of your home!


Damage to Landscaping

Damage to your landscaping goes far beyond just aesthetic issues. Flowing water can, of course, ruin your flower beds, shrubs, trees and decorative plants, but there's a more serious potential complication from erosion, which is a major issue in many peoples' yards.


This is of particular danger if your house is on a hill. The running water can cause runoff that can gradually increase the grade of your hill, making it steeper as the months go on. This can also pose a danger to your house because as the ground gets looser, you could be in danger of landslides.


Ice Dams and Slick Ground

Damage to your property from clogs in your gutters can present dangers to people who visit your home, especially during the Northwest winters. In the wintertime, the overflow from your gutters can freeze solid. This can lead to ice dams that can pull your gutters away from the house as the ice swells and puts pressure on the gutter itself.


Even worse, the runoff on the ground can freeze over, creating a sheet of ice around your house. This means that your friends, neighbors, family, visitors and even the mail carrier could be in danger of slipping and falling, resulting in serious injuries.


Pest Infestation

Moist wood, holes in your foundation and other damage from clogged gutters can be a major attractant for mice, rats, termites, carpenter ants and even wasps and hornets. Pest infestation from gutter clogs is far more common than people realize.


Consider carpenter ants, for example. These pests can wreck a home, and their favorite place to nest is in damp wood, which is easy to tunnel through and nest in. As the water seeps into the ground and pools around your house, it can draw other pests like mosquito which can carry disease.


Mold and Mildew

Speaking of disease, the dangers of mold and mildew cannot be understated. As the wood in your home gets wet, it is very likely to grow mold and mildew. Mold can be very hard to contain and remediate once it appears because it spreads by microscopic airborne spores at the slightest disturbance. Mold can cause serious allergic reactions and even respiratory diseases, and it can cost many thousands of dollars for a homeowner to control once it appears.


Servicing Your Northwest Gutters

If you're experiencing problems with your Northwest gutters, Stumptown Gutters can help. Regardless of the reason for your issues, we can provide gutter replacement, gutter repair, new gutter installation and a wide variety of Portland, Oregon, gutter services.


We are a leader in Northwest rain gutter systems, and we're ready to help. Just use our easy form to book online or give us a call at 971-353-9453 to schedule your free inspection and get your quote today!

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