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Leaf Guards Portland Oregon


Remember watching dad climb up that ladder every few months in the winter to pull handfuls of gunk from the gutters?


Watching it fall to the ground and splatter upon impact. As soon as the leaves and soot started to loosen, the sound of water trickling down the spouts would break the sound of debris splash on the ground.


Bingo! The gutters were working again. But for how long?

In Portland, while we dearly love our cool and rainy winters, the foliage of the Pacific Northwest doesn’t take any days off. As fall comes and goes, and the leaves drop from the branches onto the roofs of our homes and slide into our gutters, without ever realizing it, we are setting ourselves up for a messy surprise of gutter overflow, spout blockage and if left long enough, relatively expensive (and more importantly unnecessary) maintenance. In fact, without leaf guards to protect your gutter system, it can end up costing you upwards of $14,000 over a lifetime.


Imagining what you could do with that $14,000? We understand.

Here’s the thing, there is a way to save yourself both the stress and the money. The installation of leaf guards, a layer of stainless steel micromesh that sits between the edge of your roof and the outer rim of the gutters, protects your gutter system from the unnecessary collection and buildup of large and mid-sized debris, which is the kind that will have Multnomah Falls cascading in front of your window if not routinely cleaned out.

So, how do the leaf guards work exactly?


Through careful and proper installation by Stumptown Gutters, the leaf guards provide a filtration layer between the rain runoff on your roof and the gutter itself. Think of it this way…


When the rain runs down the slope of your roof it carries with all sorts of natural debris such as leaves, seeds, twigs and moss. Without leaf guards installed, those leftovers from our beloved Northwest trees wreak havoc on our gutters – filling them and causing blockages throughout the gutter system.


With the leaf guards in place, those leaves, seeds, twigs and mosses are stopped from falling directly into the gutter. This allows the rain to drip through and be properly funneled, as your gutter system is designed to do, without collecting a whole year’s worth of leaves.


Pretty cool, right?

At Stumptown Gutters, we’ve focused on providing our customers with the highest quality service, installation and maintenance available in the industry. Despite the hurdles required to provide the services we do, we ensure that every one of our customers isn’t just given quality product, but more importantly, is educated on the importance of having a system like leaf guards installed.


We try to reiterate that, with the installation of leaf guards, you’re saving yourself an immense cost later on. So, instead of having to call us back to fix the old gutters that haven’t drained water in years, you can rest assured that your house is protected from runoff damage.


It’s easy to forget but, your gutters and their ability to function properly, is what protects your foundation, framing, windows and other parts of your house from water damage. And in a city that averages around 43” of rainfall per year, gutters are about as essential as air conditioners in Phoenix, Arizona on an August afternoon.

So, are leaf guards necessary?


Sure, without leaf guards, your gutters will still work. Over the course of a single winter, you’ll probably avoid any issues. But, your taking a risk, and that risk isn’t just an overflow of water landing on your lawn.


No, it’s the potential for pest infestation that thrives on water-soaked wood, clumps of soil and leaf debris creating nesting sites. It’s the potential for layers of ice building up around your house during the cold winter months. It’s the likelihood of incurring framing and wall damage as water overflows both outward and inward toward your home. It’s, well, just risky.


Not to worry though. By hiring Stumptown Gutters to install leaf guards along your entire gutter system you are investing in a defense system. Think of yourself as fortifying your castle, strengthening the hull of your ship, reinforcing the foundation of your palace. Whatever analogy you want to use, leaf guards are a simple yet highly effective way to get the very most out of your gutter system and we are here to cater to your house’s unique needs with experience and adherence to Oregon state law as a licensed and insured provider of home improvement services pertaining to gutter installment and maintenance.


Don’t wait for another Oregon winter to pass by, filling your gutters with the fallen leaves and dirt from our beautiful Northwest forests. Install your leaf guards now, protect the longevity of your gutters and sleep easy knowing that the home you work so hard to maintain is protected against the wet and rainy Oregon winters.

Stumptown Gutters Portland Oregon

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