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Three Keys to Proper Gutter Maintenance

An important part of owning a home is providing that home with the ongoing maintenance it needs to remain in good condition.

After all, it’s likely that your home is the most valuable thing you own, so caring for it should obviously be a top priority. While home maintenance includes plenty of various tasks both inside and out, don’t overlook your gutters. Below, we are going to highlight three key points to keep in mind when planning a gutter maintenance project.

gutter maintenance

#1 - Keep Them Clean

The primary component of gutter maintenance is to keep those gutters clean throughout the
year. Living in the Portland area, it’s likely that large trees are looming not far from the roof of
your home. And, if that is the case, debris from those trees – needles, leaves, branches, etc. – is
sure to come down and gradually clog up the gutters. By staying on top of this matter and
keeping the gutters as clean as you can, you’ll avoid some unwanted issues that could pop up as
a result of the mess.
Of course, trying to clean your own gutters can be challenging, especially if you own a multi-
story house. You will need a long ladder, and the willingness to climb that ladder, to access the
gutters all around your home. As an alternative, you can bring in the team at Stumptown
Gutters to make quick work of this cleaning so you can spend your time doing other things.

#2 – Pay Close Attention
In addition to keeping your gutters clean, another important maintenance point is simply to
watch how the gutters are working on rainy days. When a heavy rain moves in, grab an
umbrella and head outside to see how your gutters and downspouts are functioning. Is the
water getting collected by the gutters and funneled down into the spouts correctly? Do you see
any areas, like at the seam between two sections of gutters where leaks are occurring?
Monitoring how your gutter system works will enable you to have repairs or upgrades
performed before any small problems become bigger issues. If your gutters aren’t draining well
into your downspouts, for example, the water could pool up onto the roof and do damage. You
certainly don’t have to watch your gutters on every rainy day, but go through this process once
or twice a year just to make sure nothing has changed.

#3 – Consider Adding Guards
Gutter guards typically don’t come standard on a home’s gutter system in the Portland area,
but this can be a nice upgrade if you live in an area with a lot of debris falling onto your roof
from nearby trees. Stumptown Gutters has Stainless Steel MicroMesh gutter guards in stock
and our expert team can perform a prompt and affordable install to keep your gutters clean.
With guards in place, you may still need periodic cleaning of your gutters, but they won’t get

clogged up like they can when left open. The investment in gutter guards is particularly
appealing if your home has multiple stories and hard-to-reach areas, making routine cleanings a
costlier prospect. Contact Stumptown Gutters today to learn more about this or any of our
other services.

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