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Signs You Must Look For To Ensure Your Gutters Are Functioning Properly

Signs That Your Gutters Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced.

Depending on the design of your home, it can be hard to inspect your gutters. Even on a single-story home, your gutters are likely nine or ten feet off the ground, if not more. Of course, they get even harder to reach if you live in a two- or three-story home. So, how do you tell if your home needs gutter cleaning or gutter replacement service without pulling out the ladder and making the long climb up to the roof? The tips below should help.

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Watch How the Water Drains
This may be the easiest way to monitor the performance of your gutter system. When rain falls
in and around Portland, you should see water draining out of the downspouts – not over the
edges of the gutters. If you do see water coming over the edges of the gutters, something is
wrong and the problem needs to be identified and addressed. Often, it will be clogged gutters
that lead to this issue, but it could also be damage that is preventing the water from flowing
properly to the downspouts.

Animal Activity
Another good way to tell if your gutters need to be cleaned without getting up to inspect them
yourself is to watch how animals behave around your home. Do birds and other critters like
squirrels seem particularly interested in your gutters? If so, there is a reason – there are things
in those gutters that they would like to eat. Or, alternatively, those critters may be setting up a
home and adding more and more material to the gutter. Either way, this is a good indication
that you should call in a professional team like Stumptown Gutters to inspect everything and
recommend any necessary cleaning or repair services.

Coming Away from the Roof Line
When everything is working properly with your gutters, they will stay nice and tight along the
roofline. This way, the gutter can catch water as it rolls off, and there is no space between the
roof and the gutter for water to drip. If you can see from the ground that your gutters are not
holding firmly in place, they are likely clogged. The weight of whatever buildup is in the gutters
can cause them to be pulled down, and a gap may be created. Again, when you see this
problem, the best course of action is to get help from a knowledgeable contractor who can
determine the best way to fix the issue.

Unusual Growth
Plants should be growing in the garden area of your Portland home, but they shouldn’t be seen
up on the roof. If you see anything that appears to be growing in your gutters – whether it is
small plants, weeds, etc. – you’ll know that there is organic matter in the gutter that is giving

those plants the opportunity to sprout. Having the gutters cleaned as soon as possible will
remove all of that material and keep the gutters clear so water can run through them and to
the downspouts. For gutter repair, cleaning, or installation in Portland and the surrounding
areas, reach out to Stumptown Gutters today.

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