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How Often is Gutter Maintenance Required?

How Often is Gutter Maintenance Required?

But what does “regular” mean in terms of how often your gutters need attention? Unfortunately, there is no one right maintenance interval for every homeowner, so you are going to have to think about your situation and determine what is best. With that said, we will provide some guidance in this article, and you are always welcome to contact us for direct advice from an industry professional.


What is Gutter Maintenance?
Before we talk about frequency, let’s talk quickly about what it means to have maintenance
performed on your gutters. In many cases, the maintenance that is required is nothing more
than a cleaning. The debris that has built up in your gutters will be removed so water can flow
freely into the downspouts without any trouble.

When you work with a quality gutter contractor like Stumptown Gutters, the cleaning will not
be the end of the story. In addition to getting the gutters clean, our team will inspect your
system to make sure no repairs are needed. This inspection includes a visual review of the
condition of the gutters as well as a water test to demonstrate performance. If any issues are
spotted, we can perform the needed repair and leave you with a gutter system that is ready for
the rains to come.

Location is Key
Figuring out how often you need to bring in Stumptown Gutters for gutter maintenance work will
depend largely on the location of your home. Houses in the Portland area that are close to trees
– which is a lot of the houses in this area – will need attention more often than houses in an
open area. The leaves, needles, branches, and more that fall from trees will have to be pulled
from your gutters to avoid problems down the line. So, if you have trees nearby that are taller
than your house, it’s important to make gutter maintenance a priority.

As a logical starting point, you should have gutter cleaning performed after the fall season. Once
the trees have shed most or all of their leaves in September and October, have the gutters
cleaned so they can drain nicely during the wet winter months. You may also want to have
another cleaning performed in the spring to collect whatever other debris happened to come
down after that fall visit.

Building a Relationship

Even with an understanding of how it works and why it’s important, you still may not be sure
when to bring in a gutter contractor for maintenance work. That’s why it’s so helpful to build a
relationship with the team here at Stumptown Gutters. With our team on your side, we can
offer honest advice on how frequently your home needs service. To get started, you are
welcome to give us a call or fill out the form here on our site. From properties in Portland itself
to the surrounding area like Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, and more, we will be proud to help.
We hope to hear from you today!

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