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2024 Oregon Coast Gutter Tour


Quote Slots

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Tour Slots

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Total Available = 24

Above you can see our current progress (manually adjusted). Help us make this Oregon Coast Gutter Tour a reality. Tell your neighbors, your friends, coworkers, etc. If we fail to fill our tour slots it may not make logistical sense to perform the tour. We need your help to make this a success!

Join Stumptown Gutters on Our
Oregon Coast Gutter Tour!
Quote Dates: TBD (expect January or February)
Tour Dates: July 8th, 2024 - ......

Welcome to the ultimate coastal adventure with Stumptown Gutters. We're excited to invite you to our Gutter Tour along the stunning Oregon coastline. As experts in gutter services with over two decades of experience, we're hitting the road to bring our top-notch solutions right to your doorstep.

Want us to do a gutter tour near you?

Fill out the same form but put your city/town in the message spot

and we will see if we can make a tour through your area.

Explore the Oregon Coast with Stumptown Gutters!

Welcome to the ultimate coastal adventure with Stumptown Gutters. We're thrilled to extend a special invitation for you to get in on our Gutter Tour along the stunning Oregon coastline. With over two decades of expertise in gutter services, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

Important Notice: The Success of Our Tour Depends on You

At Stumptown Gutters, our commitment to delivering exceptional service goes hand in hand with your support. We're excited to hit the road and bring our expertise to your doorstep during our Gutter Tour. However, we want to be upfront about an important aspect of the tour.


Scheduling Is Key

The success of our Gutter Tour relies on filling our schedule with customers who are eager to acquire the benefits of our premium gutter solutions. To ensure we can accommodate all interested homeowners, we need a sufficient number of slots filled.


Your Role in the Journey


Here's where you come in! By expressing your interest in our Gutter Tour, you're taking a crucial step toward making this coastal adventure a reality. The more slots we fill, the more seamless and productive our tour will be. If your an awesome human you can also spread the word to your neighbors and friends.​


An Honest Approach


We believe in transparency and providing the best service possible. If, by the time our scheduling is complete, we haven't been able to fill enough slots, it may not make logistical sense for us to perform the tour. We value your time and trust, and we want to ensure we can meet your expectations.


Stay Informed


We'll keep you informed every step of the way. If we see that we're not reaching the scheduling threshold needed to make the tour feasible, we'll reach out to discuss alternative options. Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional gutter service you deserve, whether during the tour or at another convenient time.


Your Participation Matters


 We appreciate your interest in our Gutter Tour and your understanding of the role scheduling plays in making it happen. Together, we can create a successful and memorable journey along the Oregon coast.

Join 'Stumptown Gutters' on Our Coastal Gutter Tour!

Welcome to the ultimate coastal adventure with 'Stumptown Gutters.' We're excited to invite you to our Gutter Tour along the stunning Oregon coastline. As the experts in gutter services with over two decades of experience, we're hitting the road to bring our top-notch solutions and expert installations right to your doorstep.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Our Gutter Tour


Are you a homeowner along the breathtaking Oregon coast? You won't want to miss this exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of our expert gutter installations.


Here's why you should be a part of our Gutter Tour:

  • Expertise on Wheels: A seasoned installer (Gary), with over 20 years of hands-on installation experience in the gutter industry.

  • Priority Scheduling: Accepted quotes will be automatically added to our Gutter Tour list, ensuring your service is added to the tour schedule.

  • Pre-Tour Quotes: To provide you with ultimate convenience, we offer pre-tour quotes. Customers who secure their spot on our quote list will be notified of their exact quote date and time in the beginning of 2024.

  • Limited Tour Slots: We have a limited number of slots available on our tour schedule. To secure your spot, it's essential to express your interest early. Call, text, or email us!

Here's the larger cities and towns along the route.


Agate Beach 

Beverly Beach 

Ocean Park 

Otter Rock 

Depoe Bay 

Lincoln Beach 

Gleneden Beach 





Lincoln City 


Three Rock 




Pacific City 



Tierra Del Mar 




Cape Meares 


Pleasant Valley 




Bay City 




Rockaway Beach 

Nedonna Beach 





Arch Cape 

Cannon Beach 



How the Gutter Tour Works


Participating in our Gutter Tour is easy:

  1. Express Your Interest: Contact us and let us know you're interested in the Oregon Coast Gutter Tour. Your name will be added to our quote list. After the list is filled, we will schedule them all to happen, we estimate this will occur around January 1st 2024.

  2. Quote List Filling: We'll continue adding interested customers to our quote list until all available slots are filled.

  3. Pre-Tour Quotes: In January or February, we'll perform all the bids for the Gutter Tour. This is when our estimator visits your area to provide you with a personalized quote. These quotes are emailed to you (check spam), and make sure to read the cover letter.

  4. Priority Scheduling: Once you accept our quote, your home will be added to our Gutter Tour schedule for the tour's start in July.

  5. Secure Your Day: Customers should secure their Gutter Tour day as soon as possible. We have less than 24 days available for installations, and slots are limited.

  6. Flexible Stay: If we receive more accepted quotes than we have days available, we're ready perform a second tour or possibly extend our stay to complete the work.

  7. Don't Wait!: It may not be too late though. If you missed the Pre-Tour Quotes, don't fret... we may still be able to get to you. We may perform quotes during the tour but only if we have any days available for installations. Contact us to see.

Don't Miss Out! Reserve Your Spot Today.


Don't wait until the last minute! Express your interest now to secure your spot on our Gutter Tour. With limited slots and a commitment to delivering top-notch service, Stumptown Gutters - Oregon Coast Gutter Tour - is your opportunity to ensure your home is protected by the pros.

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